I got a new photography toy. Also light experimentation.



Portraits of one of my best friends!!!!

I’m so happy with how these turned out. (((The thing she’s holding is a bassoon, if you didn’t know.))) The other shoot I was gonna do this week got postponed bc reasons, but I’m glad I was able to work on these and get them posted.

My week has been kind of crazy, between getting in a car accident and getting food poisoning, among other things. And it’s only Wednesday! I’m on my spring break though, so I definitely have some much needed time to relax.


After a very strange series of events, I found out that my friends in Leather Tramp (this band that is displayed above the text you are reading) had put me on their guest list for this Sofar Sounds show in Laguna, which is almost too far from us. There was also a band from England who had to buy used gear from Craig’s List to perform with because they weren’t able to fly their gear overseas. They were great too. But LT killed it and we had everyone on their feet by the end of the show.


Women Fuck Shit Up Fest happened! I’m still tired from it but it was such a good time! It was so great to see so much womyn empowerment and support. (I’m still in the process of watermark-ing my photos but I’m super happy with how they came out!!!!)


I attended an ACA rally a few towns over from me today. I haven’t been to this area much before so it was really nice to get out and explore. It was also one of the first rallies I’ve gone to in a while. The other protesters were super great and diverse.

In a week, I may be volunteering as a photographer for a festival in LA called Women Fuck Shit Up. That would just be so cool to help their cause and to support some of my friends in a band (that you should totally check out they’re great).


I will forever be amazed by the power of editing.

I took these today and just finished editing them. Head shots are so simple, yet so much can be done to make them come alive.

(I’ve also been listening to Wavves almost nonstop this week. Kind of disappointed thought that they put out a political image on Twitter that is rather transphobic (and nsfw)).

I think with each post, I’ll also give some kind of update about what music I’ve been listening to lately, whether it’s a band or a symphony or whatever.


Hey friends,

Here it is. This is real: a place for me to breathe.

Basically I want to post my photography projects here without having the shitty parts of social media. This space is also meant to be more intimate and personal: an archive of my visual creations that isn’t tumblr. I hope this makes some kind of impression on someone.