Again, it’s been almost a month since I last posted. But that is because I was away traveling! I’ve been in Alaska for the last two and a half weeks and it was gorgeous. The weather there in the summer is usually how winters are in Los Angeles. It never got super cold but it was usually overcast and raining. These are some shots I got of the Alaskan Railway in different parts of the state.


I went home this weekend for some much-needed home-cooked meals, real sleep, and time spent with my pup. Here, I’m experimenting with my glass prism and kaleidoscope-orb thing. I really like the last photo but it makes me sad because I don’t see my dog as often since I’m not living at home anymore, and because he’s getting old. (He’s 14!!) So you can imagine the unintentional symbolism as half of his body has ‘disappeared’ into the dying lawn.